10 Celebrities with Golden Heart

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Helping people in need is a great way of expressing humility, love, kindness, and gratitude for everything you have been given in life. While most celebrities make charitable donations and help others, they are unfairly categorized as selfish, careless, and intoxicated. Believe it or not, there are many celebrities who have the heart of gold and dedicate a lot of their time and money into great causes. Read on to find out the list of the 10 celebrities with golden heart and see whether this list includes your favorite stars or not!

1. Matt Damon

Matt DamonPhoto: Siebbi

Matt Damon co-founded of the charity Water.org, which helps provide clean water to developing countries. Water.org takes a different approach from many other non-governmental organizations, working with local communities and partners to deliver sustainable water as well as sanitation solutions in developing countries through donations and microcredit programmes. Moreover, Matt Damon is a supporter of ONE Campaign that helps fight AIDS and poverty in third-world countries. Matt Damon also associated with fellow Ocean’s Eleven cast-mates and founded the advocacy organisation Not On Our Watch, which concentrates on supporting and bringing attention to human brutalities in third-world countries.

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  1. Sandy Alexander

    Paul Walker should be there he founded ROWW. Why leave him out? Because he died or he wasn’t on your mind?? What a crying shame…

  2. Aurture Sedegela

    You work with what god provides at every turn and twist, so he helps people whats wrong with that, no love for humanity. lets hope a lot follow in the mans steps.

  3. Amelia Lawther

    Matt Damon was an utter bully in high school may I point out. He used his acting skills wrongly copying other cool kids and being a fake. I watched him attack this guy JJ while playing football in high school! All JJ did was beat him during the game. And JJ didn’t even beat him up for wrongly attacking him. Just a quick bap to the nose (no breakage) and was off him. I do think he’s an incredible actor though and I love his movies and I think it’s great he’s beaten his goals and more. Nice job Matt. Glade you’ve changed. Keep up the good work! But everyone SHOULD remember Paul Walker. He was more dedicated to the cause and forgetting him isn’t ok.

  4. Mayor Hades

    This post was before paul walker died.
    People dont see the good things you ve done or you re doing.. I still think justin bieber is a great guy anyway.

  5. You forgot Paul Walker but put Bieber at the second place??? What a shame -_-

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