10 Celebrities with Golden Heart

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Helping people in need is a great way of expressing humility, love, kindness, and gratitude for everything you have been given in life. While most celebrities make charitable donations and help others, they are unfairly categorized as selfish, careless, and intoxicated. Believe it or not, there are many celebrities who have the heart of gold and dedicate a lot of their time and money into great causes. Read on to find out the list of the 10 celebrities with golden heart and see whether this list includes your favorite stars or not!

1. Matt Damon

Matt DamonPhoto: Siebbi

Matt Damon co-founded of the charity Water.org, which helps provide clean water to developing countries. Water.org takes a different approach from many other non-governmental organizations, working with local communities and partners to deliver sustainable water as well as sanitation solutions in developing countries through donations and microcredit programmes. Moreover, Matt Damon is a supporter of ONE Campaign that helps fight AIDS and poverty in third-world countries. Matt Damon also associated with fellow Ocean’s Eleven cast-mates and founded the advocacy organisation Not On Our Watch, which concentrates on supporting and bringing attention to human brutalities in third-world countries.

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  1. Management places ideas and documents on the table, and says, we need to build your profile. Its time to start showing the idiots you are a good person, pick one of the charities or we can develop your own. This way your name will be further promoted.

    Celebrity’s and charities, they should stick just to donating. Rather than building their ego and popularity. At least management get them to give something back!

    To include someone like the kid Justin makes me believe this report hold no credibility. There are some stars out there, that dont require being pushed to give money. Well done for providing more useless information to an already brainwashed world.

    • Lilia Martinez

      Why is it that a lot of people dont want to accept the fact that some can actually do good just because they want to. Im not saying there isn’t celebrities who do it for their image but most of them have felt or know what it’s like and what to help. Yes Justin Bieber isn’t the beat role model but who are you to judge? He built a school with his own hands obviously with the help of others. He knows what its like not having everything you want which is why now that he has the opportunity he’s helping others. Many of these stars are doing out of the good of their heart they actually go and do it not just hand money. What are you doing? Judging. People who have opinions saying they’re just doing to look good most likely don’t like the celebrity but if I may what are you doing to help? They’re making others life better while your critizing them. Does it make you feel better when you try to bring them down? You wanna know something they don’t care about those opinions they’re too busy making the world a better place, and before you say something about how they dont ae much charity as they should let me tell you they do more than you do and I would also ask you to research their acts of kindness and see if they’ve done “nothing”. Also who are you to judge how much is enough the fact that they’re caring and doing it is enough.

  2. how about Cristiano Ronaldo? come on man….

  3. I think any help towards a charity or good cause is great…ego boosting or not! Stop spending so long writing long emails about how or what others should or shouldn’t do and put your energy into contributing to others! :)

  4. Linda Henchon

    Demitris S’s short remark expresses the feelings of many, but it cracked me up. I also think, “Why the praise? They still have millions! Give more!”. There is so much need. Those who have, should give even more generously.

  5. Its good to know that so many ppl putting efforts to make this planet a better place for living… Guess we should do our part too.

  6. The sad thing is that you never know what celebrities are only doing it for the good attention.

  7. Why don’t you mention lionel messi.

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