10 Biggest Hollywood Tragedies


2. Judy Garland

Photo: classic film scans

Judy Garland was the epitome of a talent in Hollywood. A shy, quiet girl by nature, she was pushed into singing, dancing, and performing to support her family as a young child. Born into a musical family that traveled America doing vaudeville performances, Garland was a standout talent. As a teenage she was pushed into an acting career by her mother and signed with MGM. Garland would go on to star in one of the greatest movies in Hollywood history, “The Wizard of Oz.”

It was the pressure she faced from her mother and MGM, combined with the torment of childhood memories, which led to her downfall. Studio doctors prescribed pills for Garland to combat depression and as she aged her insecurities pushed her further into drug use in an attempt to escape. After failing to take her own life numerous times, Garland was finally successful in 1969 when she overdosed on barbiturates.