10 Biggest Hollywood Tragedies


9. Michael Jackson

Photo: TRF_Mr_Hyde

The world has seen few musical talents that changed the course of the industry like Michael Jackson. A supremely talented signer from a family of talent singers, Jackson was the unquestioned star of the Jackson Five. When he struck out on his own with his debut album in 1975, the world saw his talent on its own for the first time.

Jackson went on to become the “King of Pop,” wowing fans with his dance moves and unbelievable singing talent. But on the inside there was a tormented man. He was pushed around physically and emotionally by an abusive father, forced to perform at a young age, and traumatized by seeing his older brothers have sex with groupies while touring with the Jackson Five. Jackson was tormented by insecurities and underwent numerous surgeries to change his own perceived short-comings. The abuse his mind and body took eventually led to his death. In 2009 Jackson was found unresponsive in his home and later determined to have died from an overdose of numerous drugs administered by his personal physician in a “drug cocktail.”