Remember When?! 8 Celeb Couples You Totally Forgot About


8. Kim Kardashian and Nick Lachey


Talk about a reality star one-two punch. Following his very public split from wife Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey went on a single date with an as-yet-unknown Kim K. According to Lachey, there were no photographers to be seen when they left for dinner, but about 35 cameras flashing as they left. It doesn’t take a whole lot of conclusion jumping to see who he believes was responsible for the sudden interest, especially since the two never went on a second date.

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These couples look happy together, but perhaps they were not meant to be together. Life is unpredictable and celebrities are just humans who want to be happy. They commit mistakes, just like we do. Before judging any of these couples, think about it and revive your own relationship failures. Now that they are no longer together, we can simply enjoy these fantastic pictures.