Style Battle: Dita Von Teese vs Paris Hilton


Now, when the weather is sunny and hot, almost every woman wears light, bright, floral and stylish summer dresses. Celebrities are not exception! Today we are going to discuss the looks of two famous American women – Dita Von Teese and Paris Hilton.

Many people hear about Dita Von Teese, but not everyone knows why she is so popular. Dita Von Teese is best-known for her burlesque shows and her signature show featured a huge martini glass. Her signature style is a retro style, so it’s not surprising that she chose to wear this dress. Just below the knee dress with lantern-shaped short sleeves, neckline and floral print looks really gorgeous!

Being known as a “bad girl”, Paris Hilton has an appropriate style. She usually wears short, low-necked dresses and high heels. But this time Paris Hilton wowed everyone with her cute floral print dress with a wide-brimmed hat and gold jewellery. I like her dress, it’s so beautiful and so perfect for summer!

Style Battle: Dita Von Teese vs Paris Hilton

Now, girls, it’s your turn to tell me, whose look is best – Dita Von Teese or Paris Hilton?

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