10 Incredibly Talented Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers


10. Kurt Cobain

Photo: nico7martin

Kurt Cobain wrote Smells like the Team Spirit for Nirvana’s 1991 album Nevermind. The song was hailed as sheer genius and he attained worldwide stardom. He wasn’t built to handle that kind of success, though. His heroin use and his mental troubles got the better of him one day, and he died from an overdose at age 27.

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The lesson to learn from these stories is obvious: you may succeed in life without talent, but not without discipline and sanity. Sometimes fame and fortune are too hard to bear and that’s the reason why many talented and prospective artists lose their way. Alcohol, drugs, parties and out-of-control expenses are all the appanages of wealth and success and many people just cannot refuse it. But self-discipline and consciousness can really help to overcome all the temptations.