10 Incredibly Talented Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers


2. Michael Jackson

Photo: TRF_Mr_Hyde

Michael Jackson was the biggest name in popular music worldwide for years. For whatever reason, though, the star adopted a stranger and stranger lifestyle over time. With multiple cosmetic surgeries, a love of spending time with children, prescription drug abuse, and an out-of-control shopping habit, the star’s life gradually came apart. He was married two times and both his marriages were unhappy and short-lived.

In 2003 his reputation and name was tarnished, after the releasing of a documentary film Living with Michael Jackson. The film revealed the most scandalous details of his life including sleeping arrangements with a young boy. After the criminal investigation Jackson was arrested. During numerous court cases Jackson lost his fortune and was unable to cover even the most basic charges. The star burned through most of his money and his goodwill with his fans by the time he passed away in 2009.