10 Incredibly Talented Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers


7. Charlie Sheen

Photo: Matthew Straubmuller

Charlie Sheen was never serious about his acting. He chose a life of alcoholism, partying and occasional acting, instead. He got one thing out of his long-term lifestyle as a party animal — a solid reputation as a selfish, air-headed person no deeper than a puddle. He could parlay this persona into a great role in the hit sitcom Two-and-a-Half Men, where he practically played himself. Unfortunately, Charlie Sheen’s unpredictable behavior got him into trouble with the creator of his show, and he found himself fired.

Following his dismissal, Sheen suffered a meltdown in which he went on YouTube, posting messages about how he was a warlock with tiger blood and a rock star from Mars. His career never recovered. He was married three times, but the father of five children has never been a good father and husband.