11 Celebrities Who Are More Intelligent Than You Think


Many people know that actress Geena Davis has an IQ of 200 and is a member of Mensa. What they don’t realize, though, is that there are dozens of super-smart celebrities in Hollywood, people who are so admired for their good looks and their humor, no one would ever think they were fearsomely smart. Here are 10 celebrities who are more intelligent than you think.

1. Alan Rachins

Photo: Alan Light

One of Rachins’ most famous roles was as Larry, father of Dharma in the hit TV show Dharma and Greg. In the show, he plays an aging, spaced-out hippie who can’t stay away from weed. In real life, though, Rachins is a certified genius: with an IQ of 158, he’s a member of Mensa and he is one of the smartest celebs.