10 Inspiring Celebrities to Look Up To


Justin Bieber may owe most of his coverage in the popular press to his arrests and his speeding tickets, and Lady Gaga may get an unusual amount of coverage for her zany outfits (one of which was completely made of fresh meat). Celebrities like them, who keep the paparazzi in business, though, often have another side – one that would win them genuine respect if people only knew. Take a look at some of the most inspiring celebrities to look up to.

1. Justin Bieber

Photo: iloveJB123

In the 2011 edition of the Ludaday Weekend Celebrity Basketball Game, an event meant to support Ludacris’ youth-oriented charity, Justin Bieber was the biggest name in attendance. Winning for his team, Justin Bieber brought in $10,000. At one point, Bieber launched a charity campaign alongside of a holiday album release and raked in major donations for several charities, including Pencils of Promise. The star’s most inspirational quote: “I know firsthand that if you believe in your dreams, everything is possible.”