9 Celebrities Who Look Great without Makeup


Celebrities without makeup, especially those who look great without being done up, are hard to find. However, I’ve got a list of 9 celebrities who look great without makeup! These celebrities are beautiful on the inside and out and they proved that even stars can go out without any makeup!

1. Selena Gomez

Photo: fanpop.com

Selena Gomez is one of celebrities who are adorable without any makeup. I think Selena looks almost the same as she does with makeup, except the dramatic eyes. I like her eye color and her lips look as full as they do with makeup!

2. Lady Gaga

Photo: harpersbazaar.com

Lady Gaga is another celebrity that you might not think would look great without her crazy makeup. Recently she even tweeted a photo of herself without makeup. I think she looks very beautiful and she doesn’t need to wear that crazy makeup!

3. Emma Watson

Photo: stylesatlife.com

As I am a big Harry Potter fan, Emma Watson is one of my favorite celebrities. Recently I saw some photos of her without makeup and I can tell you that she still looks great. For me Emma Watson will be always that smart girl from Hogwarts! Have you seen her new haircut? It’s very cute!

4. Taylor Swift

Photo: walt-disney-stars.blog.cz

Taylor Swift is one of those celebs who look absolutely incredible without makeup. Recently, Taylor did a photo without makeup at all and it was a great hit! I like this photo, she looks really gorgeous and she left her hair curly too. It’s looks breathtaking girls, you should try it out!

5. Rihanna

Photo: abcnews.go.com

Rihanna had been tweeting numerous pictures of herself without any makeup! It seems that she is ditching the makeup and most of the time she is going all-natural! Rihanna is one of those celebs who are not afraid to go out without makeup!

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6. Miley Cyrus

Photo: roomeetimes.com

Miley Cyrus looks absolutely gorgeous without makeup. In fact, she practically always goes out without any makeup and I like that! Miley Cyrus has a big confidence to ditch all the colors and go natural. I think it’s good for her!

7. Mila Kunis

Photo: www.mirror.co.uk

Mila Kunis is another celebrity who looks great without any makeup. Have you ever seen Mila without makeup? She is so beautiful! Indeed, she is got all of the beauty, confidence and brains girls, watch out for her! I love her eyes, they still look beautiful without any shadow and liner!

8. Bar Refaeli

Photo: womenzmag.com

A model from Israel Bar Refaeli looks stunning without makeup. I know she looks like she caught too much sun on her beautiful face here, but she is so awesome that she doesn’t even need a stitch of makeup.

9. Kate Bosworth

Photo: stylebistro.com

Kate Bosworth is an American model, actress and singer who is not afraid to go makeup free. We are used to seeing Kate in full on make-up, but look at this pic, she look simply amazing wearing no makeup at all. I wish I could look half as great as she does on off days.

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Natural beauty has always been praised. We are all born beautiful but unfortunately not all of us realize it. I really happy that some celebrities that have expert makeup artists at their disposal are brave enough to go out make up free. Despite all the bad comments, criticism and flaws, they are genuinely beautiful. Are you bold to go make up free?