The 2016 Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection Is Going to Wow You


Christmas is coming, and Santa has the best in stock this year – the absolute best being Kylie’s insanely stuffed Christmas stocking. Yep, that’s right, more lippies, more shadows, more everything. And you are going to want to buy it all and keep it for yourself. I mean, why not buy yourself some X-mas presents? Treat yourself, girl, by picking out a few of the amazing make up products I drool over-or just buy them all, no one here is going to judge you.

Liquid lipsticks

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First of all, her liquid lipsticks. Everyone and their mother (literally) went crazy over these, and for good reason. They are buttery, pigmented, and the color options are on point. But this holiday season her minis are back in full force, and the colors are gorgeous.

The first two Kylie swathed on her insta was Blitzen, a deep, matte eggplant purple, and Angel, a pinky lippie worth dying for. And there are more where that came from, including Cupid and Noel, a peachy pink and a bright, golden orange.

Adorable ornaments

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Next, the adorable ornaments. Yep, she made you bling to hang on your tree. But what’s in the ornaments? More lippies of course. And all of them are glosses or metallic, and utterly mesmerizing. Kylie showed of Dancer, a wine metallic you will die for, Jolly, a deep glossy purple, and Naughty, an orange tinted red gloss to go with your sinful Santa outfit you will undoubtedly wear to your office Christmas party.

Crème shadows

Next on our ever growing Christmas wish list is a whole new set of crème shadows. Kylie did not go too crazy with the Christmas theme on these, but they are still beautiful and we still need them.

She showed off three of her holiday collection named Yellow Gold (obviously an insanely pigmented gold you’ll all kill for), Golden Plum (a shimmery plum crème with the right amount of golden hue), and finally, Camo (a golden green that you will need some balls to wear, but hey, it is Kylie we’re talking about).

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Kyshadow palette

Now, something everyone has been waiting for, another Kyshadow palette. Yes, it is here, and I know you will be sitting on her website waiting for it to come back into stock after it sells out. And, like everything else in this collection, the names are just as adorable, including Sugar Cookie, Frosty, Chestnut, Mittens, Winter, Nutcracker, Gingerbread, Evergreen, and Silent Night.

Kylie gave us sneak peaks on her Instagram and your heart will explode with excitement when you see the range of colors. From frosty white, to grey blue, to golden brown, to deep plum, and lovely pinks, this palette has it all.

And on top of all this wonderful holiday glam, there will be a limited edition makeup bag and white liner called Snow. It may take your bank account a while to bounce back from the holidays, especially after Kylie’s collection, but hey, it is worth it.

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