Kylie Jenner Waited 365 Days to Show Off Her Angel Costume


When Kylie Jenner decided to enjoy her first pregnancy in private, we left wondering what was happening in her life last year. We missed out tons of interesting things happening in Kylie’s life, but recently she treated her fans to her last year’s Halloween look.


If you followed Kylie Jenner’s Instagram last year, you know that she celebrated Halloween with her bestie Jordyn Woods, wearing the devil and the angel costumes. But, you had no idea that there was a cute bump below the elbow.


Just like this year, Kylie Jenner wore an angel costume in 2017. Unlike this year’s Victoria’s Secret Angel costume though, her 2017 mini body-con dress had gigantic wings and guess what.. a cute growing baby bump. Kylie Jenner waited 365 days to show off her special angel costume and it was worth the wait.