Ariana Grande Encourages You to Thank Your Exes


With a host of breakup tracks, saying goodbye to your ex is easier than ever. Yet, there is one important thing that Ariana Grande teaches you in her new breakup track “Thank U, Next.” Ariana Grande thanks her ex-boyfriends, including Mac Miller, for the lessons that they have taught her. No wonder girls all over the world have been listening to this track on repeat all days and nights long.


I reality, relationship experts often offers writing a thank you letter to ex-partners, claiming it is the best thing you can do after even the most painful breakup. Ariana Grande sing her way of saying thank you to her exes for being a part of her celeb life in various ways because they have helped her become the woman she is right now.

If you are trying to overcome a breakup or you have not listened to Ariana Grande’s new song, you have this opportunity so listen up and learn your lesson.