7 Netflix Christmas Movies to Watch This Year


Although Thanksgiving is not over yet, most of us are already exciting for Christmas. Netflix is going to spread some seriously festive holiday spirit this year with its list of fantastic Christmas movies. Despite a myriad of options, I believe these seven Christmas movies are the best ones when it comes to boosting the holiday spirit.

1. The Holiday Calendar

If you miss Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries (Kat Graham), you can meet her in The Holiday Calendar. Of course, she is not a powerful witch anymore, but a wonderful photographer who scared to quit her mall photo day job to reach her dreams. Her life changes when she receives a magical advent calendar as a gift.

2. The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles stars Kurt Russell as Santa Claus who teams up with children to save one of the major holidays of the year – Christmas. Have fun!

3. A Christmas Prince

Last year, A Christmas Prince literally shook the internet and chances are you already watched it. But if you crave something romantic this year, A Christmas Prince starring Rose McIver as a young journalist Amber.

4. Christmas Inheritance

Christmas Inheritance stars Eliza Taylor as Ellen who is a socialite trying to learn how to help others. She believes this will help to successfully inherit and run her father’s company.

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5. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Once you watch A Christmas Prince, you will definitely want to know what happens next. The good news for you is that Netflix has A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding on the list. Will Amber become the Queen of Aldovia?

6. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

Call me old-fashioned, childish, or nostalgic, I can’t stop watching Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas when the holiday season shows up. Whether you have kids or no, grab your hot chocolate and cookies and enjoy tons of laughs.

7. How Sarah Got Her Wings

What does it feel like to get a second chance for life? Sarah is lucky to get this chance after a horrible accident. She learns her ex needs her help and that’s why she was sent back to earth.

Now that you have a list of Netflix Christmas movies to watch this year, what would you choose first? What is your favorite Christmas movie?