Michael Jackson who changed us only after 06/25/09


I can imagine how MJ fans will listen to the first (from a minimum 200) Michael’s not published song… and the second…. and all songs which will be released…. they will cry and shout… But that is going to be crying with absolutely other sensation, than usually…

To listen to the person who do not exist anymore on our planet and couldn`t create more… which you love by your soul…

Here there will come to a turning-point, you will start to listen attentively, about what actually SINGS Michael in songs, and that he actually wanted to put in your mind….

What Michael has changed during lifetime?

Style of pop music, the general style of group dance performance on stage, style of music videos – the King of Pop!

This talent is given to him by God, exclusive talent of the genius.

But did he have changed the world till June, 25th? The answer is … No.

Everything that was till June, 25th is a basis for explosion which will follow later.

He wrote in songs that we should come round and make a better change.

In 88th Michael has bought Neverland to create the small ideal world, without dirt which he had a lot, being at top of a musical Olympus.

When you are “a gold cow” the most “smelly flies” are sticking to you…

In 88th it shouted on performance MTV AWARDS from songs Man in the Mirror: “People! Change the world! All of us should start to do it!”

And we answered: “Yes, Michael, you are right! It is vital to change! And you dance so amazing, you are a King! Your music is something, Michael, we love you…”

1991.” Black and White” and “Heal the World”.

“People do erase racist barriers! Heal the World!!!”

And we answered: “Yes, Michael, we should change! You are star, we trust you – you can! You write such sincere songs, Michael!

We love you, Michael!!! “.

And “flies” shouted: “Yes! Michael, give us money! We will heal the world!”


Most desperate shout from Michael – “They don`t really care about us” and “Earth Song”.

He shouted: “WHAT ABOUT US?!!!”

And we watch music videos, we listen to his song, we understand that he is a genius – we love him even more!

We totally diffuse in his music…

2001. Album “Invincible”. Song “Cry”.

He simply sobs… Also does not show up in a music video… Only our planet….

And Michael’s eyes are more and more filled by loneliness and grief…

He told us in the interviews: “People if you want to understand me – read my books, THAT`S MY THOUGHTS!”

And we read… But it is much more interesting for us his relations with the father, and the true reasons of change skin color…

No, certainly, we read about his thoughts. We understand that he tells us to create kind behavior and simply love each other… We understand it, we agree, and we sit and listen to his music, as bewitched.

Michael shouts, shows, jumps, looks in our faces.

And we answer – MICHAEL! We LOVE YOU… And from a hysterics we faint…

On all Earth, now a delayed-action bomb which, suffering, Michael has put in, ONLY NOW we will try to listen attentively to his words and TRY to CHANGE the WORLD…

Only his death could remove a veil from our eyes, and turn off the brightest light which beat us in eyes and which we wished simply to follow, instead of changing something better in the world by ourselves as Michael wished…