6 Things that Make Lady Gaga So Popular


Some hate her, some like her, the others ignore her. But, Lady Gaga is here to rule the world of music. Renowned for her controversies and off-track music, Lady Gaga has broken all barriers between audience and singers. This is what makes this stylish singer so popular. There are also other things that make Lady Gaga so popular.

1. Her sense of style

Lady Gaga is one such celebrity, who never fails to turn heads with her unconventional sense of style. She is among those pop stars who can wear a bubble dress or flaunt a blood smeared performance. She also wears a dress made of animal flesh, which is called the “meat dress”.

2. Her music

There are many ardent fans of Lady Gaga, but there are also many people who think her music is terrible. However, you cannot deny the fact that her music is awesome. Even if you hear her music for the first time, it makes an impact. There are people who are astonished by her piano playing. Lady Gaga is a classically trained pianist; it’s a feat that very few have ever accomplished.

3. Love for her fans

Each singer is made popular by her/his fans and Lady Gaga is no exception. But, what really sets her apart then? It is her love for her followers. She calls them “little monsters”. Lady Gaga has had that inscription tattooed on the arm that she uses to hold her microphone, in order to show her love for her fans.

4. Her charity

Lady Gaga does lots of charity work. The popular singer has donated a lot of money to different charities around the world. She holds benefit concerts for the needy and afflicted, and she is also an advocate of the LGBT movement.

5. Her tweets

Lady Gaga has the most-followed account on Twitter making her one of the most popular celebrity tweeters. Usually, she tweets about her latest albums, her views about music and her personal life. That’s why her followers feel so close to her.

6. Her earnings

Forbes magazine ranked Lady Gaga the 4th in the list of highest-paid women in Hollywood. Last year Lady Gaga has earned about $62 million by way of endorsing some of the biggest names in the ad world and by holding 106 concerts.

Do you like Lady Gaga? Why she is so popular worldwide? Share your thoughts, please!