7 Reasons It Is Time to Cut Down on Movie Remakes


Many people are getting fed up with all the movie remakes coming out these days. Most of these new versions of existing films seem absolutely pointless and rarely improve upon the original. Remakes usually find an audience among those people who haven’t seen original movies or who don’t like watching old movies. That’s one of the major reasons why studios keep making remakes. Another reason is that there is no need to look for new ideas. Check out a few another reasons why it’s time to stop movie remakes and start making original movies instead.

1. Have new ideas in the cinema

When studios spend so much money on movie remakes, there’s nothing left to fund innovative and original filmmaking. There’s a place for those popcorn movies, of course, but why cannot they have some originality, rather than simply be remakes? I think it’s high time to make way for some new ideas!

2. Remakes are unimaginative

One of the main problems with remakes is that they’re absolutely unimaginative. In many cases remakes add little to the original version. Only a few can succeed in adding a new slant or even improving on the original, but usually it’s just pointless filmmaking.

3. Increase the opportunities for new writers

With movie remakes filling up the market these days, it’s extremely difficult for new writers to get producers to look at their scripts. But if any new ideas are encouraged, it will create a chance for many new writers with the original ideas and viewers will see something absolutely different!

4. Remakes are just pale imitations

A remake is simply a pale imitation of the original movie. Let think about the remake of “Psycho.” It’s impossible to improve on Norman Bates portrayed by Anthony Perkins or the Hitchcock original, right?

5. People are tired of remakes

It gets so monotonous watching yet another version of much-filmed story, isn’t it? There are so many adaptations of classic novels, such as Jane Eyre, Great Expectations and Wuthering Heights, that people are just tired of movie remakes.

6. Technology

As movie technology is advancing so fast, some existing movies are remade with even better effects. But mostly they end up being nothing more than a showcase for CGI. For instance, the recent version of Clash of the Titans could not compare to Ray Harryhausen’s work.

7. Copying foreign language films

It’s one of those movie remake trends that I find the most annoying. Today Hollywood tends to take good foreign movies and turn them into vastly inferior English-language versions. I try watching movies in the original language. With subtitles, it’s not so difficult!

Personally I prefer to watch something new. And what do you think of movie remakes? Share your thoughts, please!