Remember When?! 8 Celeb Couples You Totally Forgot About


Celeb couples are known for their quick relationships and even quicker breakups. It seems that famous people find their love easily and they’re not afraid to end unsuccessful relationships. Some of them remain best friends down the road and help each other find a soulmate. Before there was KimYe, TomKat, Brangelina, or even Brennifer, there were these odd celebrity couples. Take a trip down memory lane with a look at the celeb couples you absolutely forgot about.

1. Amanda Bynes and Seth MacFarlane


Before Amanda Bynes imploded and lost her mind for all to see, and before Seth MacFarlane became the superstar actor, animator, producer and writer he is today, this truly odd couple spent a little time as a couple. Back in 2008, despite a 12-year age difference, the pair took Tinseltown by storm, and though the relationship didn’t last very long, it sure did cause a lot of talk.