10 Celebrities Who Live a Sober Lifestyle


Celebrities aren’t all about late night parties and drinks at the bar. There are many celebs who reap the benefits of sobriety. Some of them, like Jennifer Hudson, just never had a drink, and others do it to improve their quality of life. Living a sober lifestyle in Hollywood is no easy feat, but here are 10 stars who resist the lure of this popular drug. Hopefully, these celebrities will inspire you to live a sober lifestyle too.

1. Jennifer Hudson

Photo: WEBN-TV

During an interview with Chelsea Lately to promote the film, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete,” Jennifer Hudson revealed that her role was extremely difficult considering she’d never had a drink in her life. Hudson portrayed Gloria, a heroin addict and single mother, who prostitutes to feed her habit and take care of her son. The actress had to dig deep and do a lot of research since she has never done drugs or had a drink of alcohol, ever.

2. Kim Kardashian

Photo: The Guise Archives

Kim Kardashian made a sex tape, got married and divorced in 72 days, had breast and butt implants, but she lives a clean and sober lifestyle. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star admits she thinks excessive drinking is irresponsible, so she doesn’t drink alcohol at all. That’s a fair statement considering Mrs. West is excessive with everything – hats off to Kim for choosing the sober lifestyle.

3. Russell Brand

Photo: WEBN-TV

There are a lot of not-so-nice words to describe Russell Brand, but there’s one thing he’s not: a drunken mess. Brand shared a lot about his battle with drugs and alcohol. However, he made some positive changes and celebrated 12 years of sobriety last year. He’s a shining example of living life in recovery.

4. Matthew Perry

Photo: djtomdog

Matthew Perry turned to rehab to overcome an addiction to Vicodin. Since that stint in the late ’90s, the “Friends” star cleaned up and gave up alcohol. Perry admitted to an ABC News correspondent that he was proud of accomplishment, so proud that he was willing to help others. If you are trying to stop drinking, Matthew Perry’s sober lifestyle is a good example to follow.

5. Blake Lively

Photo: david_shankbone

Blake Lively is a far cry from her character, Serena Van Der Woodsen, on “Gossip Girl.” Lively opened up about her sobriety to Allure Magazine by revealing that she doesn’t drink and never tried drugs. Although she never had the desire for drinking alcohol, she admitted that she loves to cook with it.

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6. Demi Lovato

Photo: Live & Let Die

Demi Lovato had some battles with drugs. Her downward spiral with substance abuse prompted a family intervention and a stint in rehab. Lovato cleaned up and now focuses on staying sober. She avoids parties and temptations in order to stay healthy and positive.

7. Colin Farrell

Photo: david_shankbone

Colin Farrell shared some revealing thoughts about sobriety. He feared that going from a constant drunken stupor to living alcohol-free would affect his capacity as an actor. Now that he’s clean, he says being sober has helped him be “present” in his life. Isn’t it a smart choice?

8. Kristin Davis

Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Kirsten Davis gave up drinking at age 22 to get serious about her acting. She admits to having the occasional temptation when she’s out with friends. However, she resists the urge because she feels it’s not worth the risk. She looks beautiful and young. I think her sober lifestyle is the key to her beauty today.

9. Eminem

Photo: Scott Kinmartin

Eminem is another celeb who gave up drinking after a long battle with drugs and alcohol. Sure, all his hits and music videos came out at a time when drugs and alcohol were a huge part of his existence, so it took him some time to record a song sober. Today, the rapper is still sober and recording hits.

10. Jada Pinkett Smith

Photo: Disney | ABC Television Group

Jada Pinkett Smith gave up drinking when she married Will Smith in 1997. She knew she had a problem after drinking two bottles of wine on the sofa. She quit cold turkey and found other ways to deal with her pain. Probably that was a hard battle, but she won it!

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Believe it or not, celebrities can live a sober lifestyle just like ordinary people do. After all, alcohol will never make you happy and successful, so why most of us drink it on a daily basis? If you are tired of regular hangovers, it’s time to make some changes to your lifestyle and choose sobriety as a way of life.