Style Inspiration to Borrow from Kim Kardashian


First of all. Happy birthday, Kim Kardashian! You get a bit older, but look a lot younger. Kim Kardashian isn’t simply someone who is “famous for being famous.” She started out in Hollywood as stylist and personal shopper to movie stars. With her understanding of fashion, she now has her own casual clothing, shoe and accessory lines on sale at Sears. Unlike many celebrities who start their own fashion lines and contribute nothing but their names to them, Kim actually brings her design talent to bear on the fashion that carries her name. If you’re looking for great fashion ideas, then, Kim Kardashian can be a great source. Here are some of her best casual looks.

1. The trench coat look


Kim Kardashian knows how to rock a trench coat. The way she sees it, a trench coat is a great way to look cool, even if it covers your real outfit. You can wear it over a warmer jacket inside and leave it open, wear it over a party dress or drape it over your shoulders. Trench coats can instantly make you look stylish.