Spooktastic Movie Marathon: 10 Halloween Movies to Make You Shiver


Fans of Halloween-themed movie marathons and the horror genre in general are probably familiar with John Carpenter’s classic “Halloween.” Many of those same fans probably watch “Halloween” every year on the holiday itself. If you’re looking for a little variety this year, consider watching one of a number of other horror classics. They may not be Halloween-themed, but they all contain more than enough scares to get the job done right. There’s nothing wrong with Carpenter’s magnum opus, but even the most die-hard of fans can use something new every now and again.

In fact, movies centered on Halloween are not all that common. The majority of those that have been made fit into the horror and thriller film genres. The following ten Halloween movies stand out from the crowd based on entertainment value, story quality, cinematography and character development.

1. The Crow (1994)

Photo: premiere.fr

The Crow is a fantasy-adventure story that starred Brandon Lee as an artist who is killed by a gang led by Top Dollar (Michael Wincott). Eric Draven (Lee) returns from the undead to avenge his fiancée’s murder. The Crow is so-named because of the black bird that accompanies Draven and serves as his gateway to the land of the living. The Crow is not a traditional “Halloween” movie, but much of the story is driven by the obsession with murder and chaos on the eve of Halloween. Mayhem is what drove the villains in the movie to commit the murder. The dramatic, mysterious, fantasy nature of this story, combined with amazing cinematography, make it an awesome Halloween movie.