9 Celebs Who Are Famous Because of Their Parents


Nowadays there are lots of celebs with famous parents, so it’s no surprise that most of them are famous because of their parents, and that they’d never have established their career without family connections. And maybe you’ve ever noticed that most of the so-called celebrities do not have any talent of their own. Read on to find out 9 celebs who are famous because of their famous parents.

1. Kim Kardashian

Photo: Hollywood_PR

Sure, Kim Kardashian is beautiful and smart, but she became famous thanks to her dad who was OJ Simpson’s defense lawyer and her famous step-father Bruce Jenner. In fact, Kim Kardashian has been fortunate to have lots of famous people surrounding her. She dated rap artists and athletes to ensure that everyone will have a lot to talk about. The entire Kardashian family is absolutely interested in staying in the public eye. Nevertheless, Kim is among those celebrities who are famous for no good reason.