10 Celebrities Who Refuse to Work Together


As far as entertainment fans are concerned, a spicy celebrity feud is always fun. Some feuds, though, get so bad that the stars involved vow never to be caught on the same project ever again. Here are 10 of the most interesting such feuds in Hollywood.

1. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte

Photo: David Shankbone

Twenty years ago, Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte did a romantic comedy together called I Love Trouble. While the movie was entirely forgettable, the stars didn’t forget how much they hated each other through the movie. Reportedly, there was so much venom in the air that they had to shoot for most of their scenes separately. After the movie, Roberts called Nolte “disgusting “and Nolte called Roberts “not nice.” Understandably, they refuse to ever work together again.