10 Celebs Who Look Totally Better with Dyed Hair


While there is something to be said for loving what you are born with and staying with it, having fun with your looks can be great, too. Changing the way you look can be an effective way to come by a fresh start when you want to feel or think differently.

Most of the time, the results of these experiments are merely interesting. Once in a while, though, an experiment can really go off well. Here are ten celebrities whose experiments have undoubtedly paid off. They look totally better with dyed hair.

1. Zooey Deschanel

Photo: breezy421

Most stars start out with natural brunette hair and find success with something different, usually blonde or red. Zooey Deschanel, the actress who is well-loved for her quirky roles, has found success in the other direction: while her natural color is a dirty blonde, it is dark chocolate that she’s now celebrated for. Her world-famous bangs would hardly seem right in any other color.

2. Sofia Vergara

Photo: WEBN-TV

Voluptuous Colombian-born actress Sofia Vergara has taken the same path as Zooey Deschanel in one way at least: she started life with dirty blonde locks, but dyed them brown. The caramel brown that she usually chooses goes wonderfully with her rich tan, too. She does go back to her natural blonde looks from time to time, though.

3. Kristen Stewart

Photo: Sparkle in the sun

The star of The Twilight Saga loves experimenting with her hair color. When Kristen Stewart first entered Hollywood, she came in with natural strawberry blonde hair. In the biggest hit of her career, though, the world fell in love with her deep, chestnut brown hair. Since The Twilight Saga, Kristen has fallen for brunette hair. She wears a variant of brown most of the time.

4. Charlize Theron

Photo: som sol’n förlät

The actress from South Africa is a natural brunette. Over time, she has discovered a new signature color – honey blonde. Since the star likes extremely short hairstyles, her brunette roots are often visible. But who does notice that? Even if you do, could you tell that Charlize’s hair isn’t gorgeous?

5. Rachel McAdams

Photo: rachelmcadams.org

The star of The Notebook and Mean Girls has natural hair that is a mousy brown, but ever since her success in Mean Girls as a dark blonde, she has fallen in love with gold with slightly darker roots. The color brings out the brown in her eyes. Rachel McAdams proves dyed hair looks absolutely better than natural locks.

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6. Beyoncé

Photo: anamakingon

The world loves Beyoncé now with her instantly recognizable caramel blonde hair. It’s not the color she had when she first became a star, though. Back then, she had a shade that was far closer to her natural brown. While her hair looks like natural, it’s actually not.

7. Rihanna

Photo: suran2007

Not every celebrity chooses a hair color that’s found in nature, Rihanna is one of the most famous examples. Her most iconic look over the years has been her bright candy apple red. She’s found so much acclaim with the color that she often wears it to major award shows. Black hair suits her perfectly well, too.

8. Nicki Minaj

Photo: Disney

Onika Tanya Maraj, better known by her rapper name Nicky Minaj, loves zany hair colors. The Super Bass hit maker has tried bright blue, bright green and many other surprising shades. While others may not be able to pull it off, she certainly does. So if you want to try out some bold hair colors, don’t be afraid to do it.

9. Kelly Osbourne

Photo: Disney

The daughter of Ozzy Osbourne is a star in her own right. While she does have adventurous tastes in hair color, she doesn’t keep changing them the way other stars with rainbow-colored hair do. Ever since she picked lavender for her hair in 2010, she has stayed with it. Incredibly unique and beautiful color, isn’t it?

10. Ke$ha

Photo: Portal Focka

The singer of the hit song “Animal” has a great way out of having to decide on a single color – her coloring preference often includes multiple shades at the same time. At the American Music Awards 2013, for instance, Ke$ha’s hair coloring choice started out blonde at the top and then went green on the right, and pink on the left.

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Experimenting with new hair color is a great way to see yourself in a new light. It is one of the safest ways possible of trying out a new look. These ten celebrities with dyed hair can inspire you to go bold and be proud of your choice. Don’t dwell on boring colors, make your life and look a bit brighter instead. So, ladies, what’s your dream hair color?