10 Celebs Who Have Aged Gracefully


Aging is a bitter pill for celebs to shallow. While many rely on costly lotions, potions and plastic surgery to defy time, a few celebs ignore Hollywood’s pressure to stay young, and let their wrinkles hang out. Here’s a list of 10 celebs who embrace good genes, healthful habits, and age with grace.

1. Susan Sarandon

Photo: David Shankbone

Susan Sarandon is 67 years old, but looking at her, you wouldn’t know it. The mother of three split with her partner, Tim Robbins, after 23 years and began dating her much younger business partner, Jonathan Bricklin, 34. It took Sarandon almost two years before she finally admitted to her romance with Bricklin. Fortunately, the 33-year age difference is not as noticeable because the Oscar-winning actress manages to hold her own with her vibrant smile and curly red locks.