10 Christmas Songs You Will Never Get Tired Of


Everyone’s favorite holiday is coming up fast, and the classic Christmas jingles are on repeat until the big day arrives. But, like everyone else, the same old Christmas carols and jingles drive me crazy after hearing them every year at least twenty times every day starting even before Thanksgiving. So here are the best holiday pop songs to keep you sane, but still keep you in the Christmas spirit.

1. Every Day is a Holiday by Katy Perry

This upbeat holiday song will get anyone in the spirit—plus, the music video is so vivid and colorful, it’ll have your eyes bulging with delight. I mean, there are dancing gingerbread cookies.

2. Mistletoe by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe will definitely have you in some kind of spirit—but more than likely you will want to curl up with your crush under the little green plant and plant one on them.

3. White Christmas by Lady Gaga

White Christmas by Lady Gaga is just amazing. You would not think her voice could be so cozy and sultry at the same time, but hey, maybe it’s a Christmas Miracle.

4. Christmas Time by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera may be a little old, but her voice will never get old, especially when its singing her upbeat holiday song Christmas Time.

5. Silent Night by Destiny’s Child

If you are looking for a Christmas classic revamped, look no further than Silent Night by Destiny’s Child.

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6. My Only Wish by Britney Spears

Another better version of an overplayed classic is Britney Spears’ My Only Wish. You can play this anytime anywhere, and even use its cheesy meaning to swoon your loved one into Christmas kisses without the use of mistletoe.

7. Happy Christmas (War is Over) by Marron 5

If you’re a Marron 5 lover, you’ll adore their soothing, yet emotional Christmas song Happy Christmas (War is Over). So if you’re looking to smile and cry all at the same time, this is your new jam.

8. Oh Holy Night by Kelly Clarkson

Another revamped classic that is (possibly) even better than the original is Kelly Clarkson’s Oh Holy Night. We all know her voice is like honey, but this song shows her at her best.

9. Merry Christmas Darling by Christina Perri

Christina Perri is a goddess with a golden voice, and her X-mas song Merry Christmas Darling is a testament to that. With a mix of smooth jazz and sultry singing, this is the perfect song to get you in the Christmas mood (and maybe a few other nice moods, wink wink).

10. Last Christmas by Glee Cast

Another wonderful winter holiday song is Last Christmas by Glee Cast. I know, I know, Glee? But hey, these kids have wonderful voices that are sure to get you feeling upbeat and ready to string up lights and put reindeers out on your lawn.

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So now that you have some songs to create your own holiday playlist, ramp up the volume, put on your ugliest Christmas sweater with all the sparkles and puffy pom poms, and celebrate your favorite time of year up until the very last second (even if you are more than a month early).