7 Fantastic Movies Every Teen Girl Should Watch


Would you like to watch some interesting and entertaining movies? If you have such desire but you can’t choose from a great variety of new films that come out every year, I will gladly help you to make a decision. No matter how old a girl is, she should certainly see one of these teen movies at least once in a lifetime. By watching them you can get a great pleasure and entertain yourself. Here is the list of the best teen movies to watch this evening.

1. Clueless

Photo: starpulse.com

If you are a great fan of Paul Rudd, this movie is exactly for you. Here you can see him in his young years. Lots of people find him extremely adorable in this movie. The main character of the movie is a pretty girl whose name is Cher. Boys and fashion are the first priorities for her. Paul Rudd’s character is the step-brother of this girl. At the beginning of this story we can see Cher as a haughty and materialistic girl, but she eventually realizes the most valuable things in her life.