The True Reason People Are Not Obsessed with Fifty Shades Freed


We all remember the very first Fifty Shades of Grey trailer and that moment even girls who hated reading finished the whole trilogy in a matter of a few days. While Fifty Shades of Grey was some kind of a masterpiece and Fifty Shades Darker was the best gift for Valentine’s Day 2017, Fifty Shades Freed seems to earn more criticism than glory.

The new Fifty Shades Freed trailer is exciting and even dramatic – if you haven’t watched it yet, here you have it:

Did it make your heart pump? I am sure it did – especially if you are a Fifty Shades movie fan. But do you have that feeling that it is just another fiction that you could find online and watch anytime today?

Hopefully, that feeling will fade away when we will watch the next trailer and full movie in February 2018. Still, the story keeps going and the third and final Fifty Shades Freed can make you scream with delight!

Image Source: YouTube