4 Ways New Fifty Shades Darker Trailer Shows There Is No Fairytale Ending


Remember the first full-length Fifty Shades Darker trailer that has made most of us believe in a happy ending? Nope, ladies. The new trailer that has been released yesterday showed that we should not expect a fairytale ending, no matter how it all seems to be going pretty well between Christian and Anastasia. Apart from a fantastic song by Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift, there are plenty of things to pay more attention to:

1. They got back together but she is not an old Anastasia

Anastasia is her own woman now and she is not going to allow Christian to play with her anymore. Yes, he gave her flowers and they had a dinner together, but she accepted the invitation only because she was hungry and she paid the dinner bill. And although Anastasia let him touch her in an elevator and they make up, it does not seem like she is going to let the story repeat again.

2. Who is that girl?

Did you notice that mysterious girl? Who is she? What does she want? She pops up and disappears and who knows what she has in mind? That adds a huge touch of mystery to Fifty Shades Darker. The mystery deepens when that girl turns out to be, let’s call her, an Anastasia prototype from Christian’s past. Perhaps she was used, abused, and forgotten and now she craves a revenge.

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3. It is going to be a tense action movie on the big screen this February

While Fifty Shades of Grey was a kind of fairy tale, Fifty Shades Darker is going to be a huge action movie. Mysterious people, dangerous situations, and that helicopter crash, I am sure there would be more tense actions that we think.

4. A woman with a broken heart knows no limits

Remember that mysterious girl? She has got a gun and we have no idea what happens next. This is called a teaser trailer, after all, so stay patient and wait until February 10. I hope that mysterious girl will not kill Anastasia or Christian, or anyone.

If you have not watched a new Fifty Shades Darker trailer yet, here you have it. Enjoy!