10 Most Beautiful and Empowering Ads 2016


2016 was a wild ride that obviously went by way too fast for our liking. It had its ups and downs, but for now we are going to look back on some of the most memorable parts of 2016: their commercials. Whether it is a catchy jingle, a short story that yanks at your heartstrings, or something just plainly beautiful, we can all hold on to commercials for years.

I am sure you all remember the catchy free credit report website commercials. So here are the most memorable, empowering, beautiful ads 2016 we had the pleasure of sitting through this year.

1. Mercedes Benz: Snow Date

This ad has to be the cutest out of this entire list. Two kids braving a storm for their first date together on Christmas day. Could it get any cuter? The answer is no, it could not.

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon has always had amazing commercials with hidden, greater meanings, but this one takes the cake. It touches on a sensitive subject, especially for this past year. Two religions, two friends, coming together in respect and love to buy each other a gift using one of our favorite online stores. Subtle advertisement, huge meaning, and pure beauty.

3. Apple: Frankie’s Holiday

Not only is this ad aesthetically pleasing with all the mountains, snow, and Christmas cheer, but it’s also adorable. This unconventional advertisement tells a charming story of Frankenstein taking a vacation and spreading holiday cheer with the help of a little love and acceptance from a child. Get ready to smile.

4. Microsoft: Make What’s Next

This commercial has to be one of the most inspiring ads 2016. Microsoft hits us right in the feels with exposing how traditional teachings are usually sexist and how our young girls can become great, written in history, and create amazing things alongside their men counterparts. It is beautiful.

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5. Pantene: Girls into Women

Yet another empowering, inspiring commercial for women, young and old, everywhere. It shows something simple, mundane almost, yet so special – fathers doing their daughter’s hair. But as we all know, our hair is a crucial part of our confidence, and so is our family. Pantene made a fantastic, meaningful ad that made me want to go out and actually try their products – maybe.

6. Apple Music: Taylor vs. Treadmill

This is one of my favorites, to be honest. It is short, sweet, and hilarious. You get to see Taylor Swift rapping then falling off a treadmill. An ad couldn’t get any better than this. If you are looking for a good laugh, just click and enjoy! The hidden meaning is be careful while exercising.

7. Dove: My Beauty My Say

Dove has been one of the first – and leading – companies in gorgeous, empowering ads for women. This one especially will stay with me, and most likely you, too. This is an ad for all the women who have been criticized, ostracized, and patronized. Watch this short minute and a half and you will feel so empowered and beautiful, you will forever love Dove and their products.

8. McDonald’s UK Christmas

We all know the Christmas commercials are the best, hands down every year, but McDonalds went a different, subtler direction with theirs this year. Instead showing their restaurants as a place for good times instead of just one for good meals. It is absolutely adorable, and one of the best.

9. Johnnie Walker presents: This Land

This commercial takes a look back at America’s great adventures: big and small. Yes, it is a commercial for booze, but hey, we do not judge a commercial by its sponsor.

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10. Jeep: Portraits

I would never think I would call a car commercial beautiful, especially one played during the super bowl, but I am. Jeep decided to step out of the usual fast and furious car advertising and make something beautiful, meaningful, and haunting. I am sure you already remember it, but watch it again – trust me, you need to.

Now that we have taken a look back at the best 2016 ads, pick your favorite and share it. Spread the beauty, the love, the inspiration and empowerment all of these surprising commercials embody and start your new year off with a smile.