Style Battle: Demi Moore vs Jessica Alba


Have you noticed that the red pants are becoming more and more popular? And do you know what to wear with the red pants? Only white, beige or black shirt? No, ladies, there are many options! Take a look at these two celebs – Demi Moore and Jessica Alba, and tell me what do you think about their looks?

Hollywood actress Demi Moore loves classic style and she rarely wears trendy clothes. However, she always looks classic, gorgeous and sophisticated. She appeared at the event wearing red pants, white shirt, black cardigan, and black, stylish sandals. I think she looks a little ridiculous, but yet stylish.

Jessica Alba is a famous, beautiful and really talented actress. Today she is recognized as one of the most stylish women in Hollywood. Recently, she appeared in red pants, blue sweater, black leather jacket, yellow handbag and stylish black-and-white shoes. I think she looks adorable and she really owns her perfect style.

Whose look do you like the most? Please, do tell me!