Talina Releases a New Lyric Single ‘Feeling Sad’


Ukrainian popular singer Talina has released a new lyric and heart-touching single ‘Sumno Meni’ (‘Feeling Sad’). Talina is a young yet incredibly talented singer who debuted on No. 20 on the TOPHIT 100 AUDIENCE CHOICE list last year.

Talina is all about keeping her songs real and unique with her own lyrics and music and she makes a huge effort at staying connected with her fans on Facebook.

Popular Ukrainian arranger Aleksey Tkach, whose previous credits were Ani Lorak, Green Grey and Aviator among the others, and guitarist Vitalij Rustamov helped Talina turn her lyrics and music into an amazingly touching song ‘Feeling Sad.’

Although the song is in Ukrainian, try to listen to it and you will understand why Talina is a star on the rise. I am sure, we will hear some of her English songs too. Good luck, Talina! Please share your thoughts about her song in the comments.