10 Valentine’s Day Dress Ideas to Steal from Celebrities


The most romantic day of the year is approaching fast, and it is time to think of what to wear on February 14. Have you already found a special outfit that will definitely make your boyfriend say ‘wow’? If you still have doubts take some inspiration from these famous women. It may seem like these dresses are too luxury and expensive for you, but you have enough time to make your own dress or find a cheaper alternative.

1. Green from Jennifer Lopez

Photo: images.ok.co.uk

Never stop experimenting with colors. Valentine’s Day does not mean you have to wear red only. It is just another pleasant occasion when you can show your best outfit, so the colors are not limited. Look how gorgeous J. Lo looks in this trendy mini dress and even though the color is not regular it still looks wonderful. Bold color can make everyone jealous of your strength and confidence. Famous American pop-singer loves wearing high heels. So use this simple trick and you will hear a lot of compliments from your beloved one.