6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Steal from These Celebrity Couples


With January coming to the end, we start feeling drops of love in the air. Not so much time has left till the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, you and your boyfriend or husband will have something special on February 14. Have you already decided on what to gift your beloved one? Is there something special you want to get from him? If you have no ideas yet, maybe these awesome celebrity couples’ examples will inspire you to choose the most romantic gift ever.

1. David and Victoria Beckham

Photo: static.socialitelife.com

Surely, there is no need to say that it`s already a gift to be a wife of the most stylish, hottest, most famous football player and such an amazing dad as David. But he endlessly continues to make his wife happy and satisfied. David and Victoria definitely love the Valentine’s Day and they just love making presents for each other. Once, David presented Victoria with an 8 million dollar Bulgari necklace with the posh name on it.

2. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Photo: mtv.com

This couple once was so popular that people just couldn’t stop talking about them. Each step, glance or even breath was a reason for mass media’s discussions and even now years after their split the Internet is chock full of different news about ex-lovers. But, what’s true is that when Justin and Selene were together, both loved making each other cute surprises.

It’s easy to do when you are so young and in love. And Canadian-born pop-singer was always a romantic type of guy. He ordered Selena flowers and splashed out $2,000. Hm, I wonder does he surprise his new girlfriend Hailey Baldwin with a surprise like that?

3. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Photo: faithit.com

One of the hottest Hollywood couples is known for their endless love. Both of them are fabulously creative minds and love everything unusual. When Angelina started to think about Valentine’s Day gift for her lovely husband she realized he has everything. But Angelina knows how to surprise someone, so she presented Brad with a 200-year-old olive tree. Wow, that must be a truly unique gift, since it symbolizes peace, longevity, and stability, what can be better than that?!

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4. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Photo: images2.fanpop.com

He is a world-wide hottest actor and every woman dreams of him at night. But he gives his endless love to the one and only Jenna Dewan-Tatum, a beautiful and talented dancer and actress. Nobody can even realize that this brutal hunky is such a romantic person and he just loves to surprise his wife Jenna with gorgeous gifts.

Since Channing got to know Sienna Miller (his G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra co-star) he likes to present Jenna with jewelry from a celeb designer Neil Lane, because famous British actress and famous fashionista Sienna advised him.

5. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Photo: teendiaries.net

Kanye and Kim both love everything extravagant and expensive. Kanye doesn’t think about money when it comes to his gorgeous wife Kim Kardashian, so he spends as much as he can to make Kim happy. In 2013 rapper spent more than $70,000 on a cuff featuring a gorgeous set of dazzling diamonds, emeralds, and white gold. This Hollywood couple may be now called the dashing one. Perhaps you don’t have $70,000, but you can look for a cheaper cuff instead.

6. Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Photo: news.artnet.com

There are lots of people who dream about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s fairy tale life and love. They both are perfect examples of successful and rich members among the other stars, and you probably wonder how they can surprise each other as they have everything they need.

Well, famous American rapper decided to outdo himself by making Beyonce a platinum-covered cell phone. Uhm, such a waste of money you think and we agree, but famous people have their own oddities. After all, it easy to find a cheap alternative, isn’t it?

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When preparing a perfect gift for your significant other, consider these somehow strange but really cute ideas. No need to buy one million of red roses, just buy a small but beautiful bouquet, your partner will be as happy as you will. If I didn’t mention your favorite celebrity couple, let us know about them in the comments section.