6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Steal from These Celebrity Couples


6. Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Photo: news.artnet.com

There are lots of people who dream about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s fairy tale life and love. They both are perfect examples of successful and rich members among the other stars, and you probably wonder how they can surprise each other as they have everything they need.

Well, famous American rapper decided to outdo himself by making Beyonce a platinum-covered cell phone. Uhm, such a waste of money you think and we agree, but famous people have their own oddities. After all, it easy to find a cheap alternative, isn’t it?

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When preparing a perfect gift for your significant other, consider these somehow strange but really cute ideas. No need to buy one million of red roses, just buy a small but beautiful bouquet, your partner will be as happy as you will. If I didn’t mention your favorite celebrity couple, let us know about them in the comments section.