10 Ways Celebrities Love to Celebrate Christmas


When you’re a celebrity with a glamorous lifestyle, the way you celebrate Christmas needs to keep up with the rest of your life. Famous movie stars and the musicians can be anything from imaginative and flamboyant to quiet and private when it comes to celebrating Christmas. They treat their loved ones to lavish vacations, give super-expensive gifts and party hard. Here are some of the things celebrities love to do on Christmas day.

1. A super cool car for a gift

While Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon may no longer be together, they lived it up for as long as they had each other. In 2011, Nick gifted wife Mariah a Rolls-Royce Phantom worth nearly half a million, for Christmas. That same year, Beyoncé decided to upgrade husband Jay-Z with a $2 million Bugatti Veyron. She prepared the gift in advance and had to wait the whole year to give it to her husband! Paris Hilton got a car as a gift for Christmas, too: a Bentley Continental GT with diamond-encrusted interiors, worth a quarter-million. Only, it was a gift she gave herself.

2. Some quality time with the family

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Each year, Fergie of the Black-Eyed Peas goes away with her family to a private getaway where everyone enjoys mom’s traditional Christmas cooking. Kelly Clarkson is a homebody on Christmas day, too. She loves a little private family time with her husband Brandon Blackstock and his kids. They open Christmas presents and have fun together. When she was a child she had no opportunity to enjoy warm family reunions since everyone lived far from each other. Now Kelly enjoys the chance to gather together with her loved ones and have a great family celebration.

3. Pose in a tiny Santa outfit

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From the Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera to LeeAnn Rimes and The Backstreet Boys, stars love to pose in Santa outfits on Christmas. If it’s a female celebrity, chances are that the outfit is a design that’s a couple of sizes too small (in an attractive way).

4. Take a family holiday

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No wonder exemplary parents Pitt and Jolie try to spend spare time with their kids and be together during a holiday season. For Christmas 2013, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to take their six kids on a grand vacation. Brad Pitt revealed in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that year that it was a kind of family Christmas tradition to go on an adventure with the whole family. This is truly a very good Christmas tradition!

5. Cook for everyone

Laura Marano of Austin & Ally comes from a family with a rich tradition of home cooking on Christmas day. Laura and her sister make cookies, and their parents make a seafood feast. The Kardashians love to cook on Christmas, too. The Kardashian Christmas celebration typically sees more than 100 guests, and they all sample Kim’s freshly baked cookies and cupcakes.

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6. Hire a celebrity chef to make Christmas dinner

Some years on Christmas day, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrange to have a celebrity chef come over and make their Christmas dinner for them. In 2012, they chose celebrity chef James Oliver. The Beckhams love to have celebrity chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay, cook for them on Christmas, too.

7. Throw a huge A-list Christmas party

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Justin Bieber and George Clooney both throw mega parties on Christmas. While Bieber has a fun party with a remix of his latest album blasting out of massive speakers, George Clooney likes a black tie affair. As a gesture of appreciation to his guests, Clooney usually makes a donation to a charity in the name of each one.

8. Have a grand time with friends

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Taylor Swift grew up on a Christmas tree plantation. Her whole life was practically Christmas. On Christmas Day each year, she has friends over to help her decorate multiple Christmas trees with lots of sparkly stuff, build gingerbread houses and sing Christmas carols together. She says that her previous Christmas celebration can be described with three words, ‘Matching. Plaid. Onesies.’

9. Take the parents on a great vacation

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Nina Dobrev of Vampire Diaries didn’t have an easy time growing up: her family struggled on a tight budget. According to Nina, her parents sacrificed a great deal to help get her where she is today. To express her gratitude, she takes her parents on a grand Christmas vacation each year.

10. Bring over traditions from home

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Former N’Sync singer Lance Bass loves the taste of the traditional cuisine of his home state of Mississippi so much that the Christmas feast at his household each year includes a huge fried turkey, just like home. According to the reports, Lance Bass is going to celebrate Christmas this year as a married man. Lance Bass and Michael Turchin is already planning a Christmas wedding with tons of surprises!

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One of the most reliable Christmas traditions among celebrities involves picking a charity and contributing. From making generous donations to participating in fund-raisers, many celebrities remember to give back each Christmas. It’s a beautiful tradition. What’s your way to celebrate Christmas?