10 Celebrities Who Enjoy Thrift Shopping


Real stars have confidence in their taste. They don’t need to see their clothing come out of a shopping bag with a famous name on it. They know great fashion when they see it. That’s real taste. The super successful celebrities on this list know what they’re doing when it comes to shopping for clothes – they find as much great fashion in thrift stores as they find in big, expensive ones. Thrift shopping isn’t for poor people only – rich people enjoy it too.

1. Julia Roberts

Photo: ePublicist

At one point in her career, Julia Roberts made $15 million a movie. A piece in the National Enquirer in 2012, though, made fun of her for taking her children to a thrift shop. The star didn’t respond to the piece. She simply continues doing what she believes is right – showing her children how to recognize quality, wherever they may find it.