10 Celebrities Who Deserve More Attention


Being a star in the movies isn’t simply about beauty, talent and hard work. As the stories of these critically acclaimed artists prove, you can have every ingredient necessary for stardom and still not quite make it until things somehow fall into place. While some celebs become popular without even trying, others should put a lot of effort into earning fame. Here are 10 celebrities who really deserve more attention.

1. Adrianne Palicki

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Adrianne Palicki is a talented actress who appeared in hits such as Friday Night Lights and the Bruce Willis-starrer G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Yet, she doesn’t get much press, and is yet to come by the role that will make her a name to contend with in Hollywood. Adrianne Palicki definitely deserves more attention.

2. Holly Marie Combs

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Holly, who had her first major television roles in the soap operas Guiding Light and As the World Turnsmore more than 20 years ago, landed her first long-lived role when she was accepted to the ensemble series Picket Fences. Her next major role was as Piper Halliwell in Charmed, the supernatural series that ended in 2006. While Holly is the scene stealer wherever she appears, she hasn’t had a major role since then – something she truly deserves, with her talent and looks.

3. Genevieve Morton

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Genevieve Morton has been a regular on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue every year for the past 4 years. She’s even been on the cover of the Swimsuit issue in other countries. Yet, Genevieve hasn’t attracted any press to help build her career and get major modeling and acting roles.

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar

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The star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the star who could do no wrong while the series was on the air. She was even a “girl power” icon for years. That was 10 years ago. Today, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s star appears to have faded considerably. In fact, she is smart and talented enough to be more popular these days.

5. Rachelle Lefevre

Photo: Anthony Citrano

Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre has had many roles in major TV shows and movies like Boston Legal, Swing Town and the Twilight Saga, among others. The success that she’s had with these roles hasn’t translated to anything bigger, though. While her acting in Under the Dome, her most recent role, was praised, the miniseries itself sank without trace.

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6. Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Ana Kley

Young people today mostly recognize Jennifer Lopez as a judge on American Idol. They also know something about her blockbuster albums. Her career as the successful actress who rocked in Monster-in-Law over 10 years ago and in Maid in Manhattan 12 years ago, is mostly unknown to them. In 2015 Jennifer Lopez stars in 3 new films: The Boy Next Door, Home and Lila and Eve. She has incredible acting skills.

7. Toni Collette

Photo: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Toni Collette is an acclaimed actress. She has an Academy Award nomination to her name and has had major roles in movies such as Little Miss Sunshine and The Sixth Sense. Those movies were years ago, though. This talented actress who can effortlessly settle into practically any role – be it a loving mother, a mean lowlife or anything in between – hasn’t had anything major on the big screen in a while.

8. Anna Kendrick

Photo: david_shankbone

The scene in Up in the Air where Anna Kendrick’s tough persona breaks down as she cries, is one of the most-watched videos on YouTube. Her part in the Twilight Saga has won her a great deal of love, too. She hasn’t had many leading roles, though. While Pitch Perfect was a great exception, it was mainly a teen movie. With all the lovable supporting roles she does, hopefully, Anna will find the right movie to propel her into the kind of stardom she deserves.

9. Emily Mortimer

Photo: karen in toronto

Daughter of the playwright who wrote Rumpole of the Bailey, actress Emily Mortimer first found critical appreciation for her role in Matchpoint in the early 90s. Her next critically acclaimed role was in Pink Panther. While she has done great roles on TV in 30 Rock and The Newsroom and even has the starring role in the mockumentary Doll&Em, she still hasn’t found the kind of leading roles that her good looks and her acting talent deserve.

10. Meagan Good

Photo: Crismateski

Meagan Good has spectacular stage presence. Her talent has been rewarded with a few excellent roles too – in movies like The Unborn and Stomp the Yard, that were well-received. When she appeared in Californication for a season, she was the most popular of the set. Nevertheless, for someone with her level of talent and charisma, she should have so much more.

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Any of the stars on this list could break into the big time at any time. We often don’t notice more talented stars because they don’t play leading roles in the movies. These ten (and even more) celebrities deserve much more attention and bigger fame than they have right now. Do you agree that these stars deserve more attention, or do you think there are more talented celebs?