Love and Fame: Celebrities That Married Regular Folks


6. Meryl Streep

Photo: Disney|ABC Television Group

Hollywood legend Meryl Streep met her husband, sculptor Don Gummer, while she was crashing at his apartment. Streep was staying in the empty home of Gummer, a friend of her brother Harry, while he was out of town and she was in the area. Nearly 40 years later, the two are still married, and Streep thanked him for “everything I value most” during her best actress Academy Award acceptance speech for The Iron Lady.

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You see, celebrities are not as different and narcissistic as most of us think. They do meet ordinary people and love to hang out with them. Plus, they marry regular folks, which means there’s still a hope for us. It’s not all about money – it’s all about love. Fame doesn’t matter at all. Are you dreaming of marrying a celebrity? Or, do you think it’s impossible for an ordinary girl to date a famous guy? Share your thoughts, ladies.