10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ian Somerhalder


Ian Somerhalder of Lost and The Vampire Diaries is one of the hottest actors around today. He is new enough, though, that most people don’t know much about him. You may read about his life and career, but there’s something only few people know. If Ian Somerhalder has caught your eye, here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about the actor.

1. Ian loves animals

Ian Somerhalder often talks about his love for animals. When he recently posted pictures of himself having fun with his spoiled, slightly overweight cat Moke on Instagram, his female followers everywhere read a lot into them. Anyone who has the patience to be a great pet parent, they believe, is likely to be a great partner, too.

2. Ian is deep

Ian has named his dog after the philosopher Nietzsche. While it might seem an odd choice of name for a pet, Ian has a reason for picking it. He has been a follower of Nietzsche’s philosophy since age 16, when a friend introduced him to his thought. Ian’s other favorite philosopher is Masaru Emoto – a Japanese thinker whose theory about the power of mind, Ian loves. Emoto teaches the idea that it’s possible to clean the world’s oceans of pollution through prayer, alone.

3. Ian has science in his blood

Before he became an actor, Ian considered becoming a marine biologist. He also fantasizes about leaving Earth one day to join an expedition to Mars to settle the planet.

4. Ian loves art

As an actor, Ian would have to love artistry. He cooks very well, too – competently enough to qualify as a chef. What he can’t do is to paint. He does wish he could. His taste in movies tends to be somewhat pedestrian, though: he loves spaghetti Western movies.

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5. He cares about his health

Ian has an endearing weakness – Cap’n Crunch. He also tends to add truffle oil to everything he eats. Apart from giving in to these guilty pleasures, at times Ian loves living healthy. He doesn’t just stay away from fast food – he genuinely dislikes it.

6. He cares about the world

The loss of the world’s green cover is an enduring source of anxiety to Ian. He deeply cares about sustainability in every human endeavor. Ian has even built a foundation to help youth understand the world they live in. It’s called the IS Foundation.

7. Ian has an odd talent

Most people wouldn’t be able to write legibly with their left hand. But Ian Somerhalder can do something far better – he can write perfectly with his feet. It’s a talent that he’s picked up. I wish I could see how he can write with his feet.

8. Ian loves nature

Most famous people loves nature because they live super busy lifestyles. One of Ian’s favorite ways to spend a free day is to tow his Airstream trailer out into the wilderness. His interest in nature is something he gets from living close to it his whole life. 

9. He isn’t likely to forget his roots

It takes strength of character to not leave one’s roots behind when placed in the middle of the glamour of Hollywood. To this day, Ian misses life back home in Covington, Louisiana, where he lived life in the midst of nature. He also believes that his Louisiana roots prepared him for The Vampire Diaries. Louisiana’s mythology is rich in vampire stories, after all.

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10. Ian is picky about whom he likes

Ian loves animals so much, he wouldn’t consider dating a woman if she wasn’t interested in them – no matter how beautiful she was. In the friendship department, his pickiness has meant that he only has three or four friends in the whole world. Ian Somerhalder credits the women in his life for everything good that’s happened to him. He believes that it was his mother who helped him become the man he is today. For his professional success, he credits his manager Barbara for being an able steward of his career.

Ian Somerhalder is a multi-talented actor who boasts amazing traits and who can inspire you to live a more meaningful life. Do you know any other facts about Ian Somerhalder? Are you going to watch The Vampire Diaries Season 7 this fall?

Photo: vagueonthehow