10 Most Romantic Movies Ever


10. The Holiday

Photo: tribute.ca

This romantic movie is too much fun! It stars Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. The comedy is constant and it is a first-rate feel-good experience. The premise is that two dissatisfied young women decide to exchange houses for a while – Amanda (Cameron Diaz) lives in Los Angeles and Iris (Kate Winslet) lives in Surrey in the U.K. Their homes are quintessential models of the ideal life (as only movies can make such things). Iris’ cottage is as picturesque as the Cotswolds and the hacienda extravagance of Amanda’s home in L.A. is lavish.

Initially both women are ecstatic and for Iris the California life is amazing, but Amanda gets bored in the small English village. She is almost ready to throw in the towel when she meets Iris’ brother Graham (Jude Law). Everything shifts and she decides to wait and see a little longer.

Iris meets film composer Jack Black who becomes a love interest, but she also encounters her neighbor, a once famous screenwriter, now aged ninety. He helps her feel good about herself, and she helps him leave his hermit life and learn to walk without a cane so he can accept a celebration in his honor by the Screenwriter’s Guild. Gradually for Amanda and Iris their new lives intertwine in ways that bring both friendship, joy, and love into their lives. The last scene is a delight.

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Is there a special romantic movie you always enjoy watching that isn’t on this list? By all means mention it in a comment if you have one to recommend to readers.