10 Most Romantic Movies Ever


6. Amélie

Photo: blog.birichina.ca

Amélie is a romantic comedy about a girl (Audrey Tautou) who is fragile in health, at first, and lives most of the time in her imagination. She sees very little of other people and the outside world, but she dreams of love. As a young woman she ventures out to be a waitress in the center of Paris. When she finds a small box filled with someone’s childhood mementos, she seeks to return it to its owner, who she must find. With an innate mischievous spirit, she begins to involve herself in the lives of people around her, befriending a shut-in, a hypochondriac, an unsuccessful writer, and others who cross her path. She becomes attached to the people she meets and falls in love with life. In time, she begins to discover that she can claim love for herself.

The film met with critical acclaim and many awards in Europe. It was nominated for five Academy Awards.